Are your students prepared for Election Day?

The Midterm Election is on Tuesday! This will be the first opportunity to vote for some seniors at your school. A student’s first experience voting has the potential to leave a positive impression of civic engagement that can last a lifetime. 

Below are two simple, non-partisan checklists that teachers and students can print out, cut, and distribute to their classes, family, and community. This is available in both English and Spanish and may be particularly helpful for students with Spanish-speaking family members.

Many students who are still too young to vote may be eager to get involved in Tuesday’s election. Here are 5 ways those students can make an impact:

  1. Make sure your friends and family members have a plan to vote.

  2. Text-banking, phone-banking, and social media.

  3. Walk with a campaign.

  4. Help with a ballot party.

  5. Preregister to vote. 

For more detailed information, please visit our blog post “Too young to vote, but not too young to care.”

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