School Supplies

Every school should have a registration button on its website and every student should have the information needed to easily organize a school voter registration and preregistration drive.


Create a Personalized Plan to Vote

CLICK on the image to download a printable checklist to help you create a personalized plan to vote in the election.
Print, cut, and share with two friends!

Crea un Plan para Votar

Imprima, corte y distribuya esta lista de verificación con sus compañeros de clase, familiares y amigos.

Get Ready to Vote Action Plan

CLICK on the image below to access our 4-week calendar helps you get get ready to vote on Nov. 6th!

Website Graphics

Add a voter registration button to your school website by injecting sample code into your webpage. Buttons are currently available for Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. More to come.

Two button design options are available for each state.



Use these resources to organize your community to register and preregister fellow students and get out the vote! More to come.

4-week plan to register students in your school (Civics Center)

Voter Registration Guidance for Educators (CA Sec. of State)

School registration drive manual (League of Women Voters)

California voter registration drive guide (Secretary of State)

National Voter Registration Day

Texas voter registration resources and toolkits (TASAnet)

Get your CA sample ballot and polling place (Voter's Edge CA)