School Supplies

Every school should have a registration button on its website and every student should have the information needed to easily organize a school voter registration and preregistration drive.

Voter Registration Action Plan

CLICK on the image to access the interactive PDF.


QR Code for Online Voter Registration

Click on the QR code below to download the JPG file! The code will send you to a site to register to vote online.

Sample Vote Club Constitution

Click below for a guide to creating a Constitution for your high school’s Vote Club. Processes for electing and organizing club leadership involve a variety of choices. We offer suggestions below and highlight alternatives in italics. The best way to structure your club will depend on your school, your community, and your core leadership group. Please use the below language as a reference or starting point, and adjust it according to your needs and your school’s rules.

Model Community Announcements

Please click below to access our model announcements. These can be used as a starting point for sending emails about voter registration to your school community. There are English and Spanish versions of the announcement. Both can be modified to correspond to your school’s efforts. Schools in other states can adapt the language as appropriate to reflect their own efforts and state requirements.  

Model Survey on High School VR Efforts

Create a Personalized Plan to Vote

CLICK on the image to download a printable checklist to help you create a personalized plan to vote in the election.
Print, cut, and share with two friends!

Organizing Resources

Use these resources to organize your community to register and preregister fellow students and get out the vote! More to come.

Voter Registration Guidance for Educators (CA Secretary of State)

School registration drive manual
(League of Women Voters)

California voter registration drive guide
(CA Secretary of State)

Texas voter registration resources & toolkits (TASAnet)

Customized Voter Registration Buttons

Add a voter registration button to your school website by injecting the code, which will take users to their state’s voter registration materials. Download the code by clicking the text “Get this code” below.

Buttons are currently available for Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. More to come.