For students

You have more power than you think.


As a high school student, you have the power to organize your school community and create a climate of civic participation that will impact everyone around you.  

You don't need permission to talk to a friend, a teacher, or a family member to get started now.  

All you have to do is care enough to do it.  Here are a few ways you can get started:

  • Form or join a club or a school project

  • Use our resource guide

  • Speak to school administrators

  • Post on social media


Start a club

Use our communal resource guide


Here's how you do it:

  1. Contact a school administrator.

  2. Draft a non-partisan mission statement.

  3. Post on social media and ask your friends to join. Every voice counts!

  4. Set up your first meeting and brainstorm ways you can get students preregistered and registered to vote. Then take action.

Check out March for Our Lives AZ for some helpful tips!


Getting involved in your school community can create a ripple effect far beyond your campus. But knowing where to begin can be a challenge, and helpful resources are scattered all over the internet. We’ve made it easy for you by creating a one-stop resource guide. Because improving civic engagement is a collaborative effort, contact us if you find out about other resources that we can make accessible here.

Tell your school to do this


Get your school involved! Here are a few ideas:

  1. Add a voter registration button to your school's website.

  2. Hold a training for students and volunteers on how to run a voter registration drive.

  3. Update the curriculum to make sure students in eligible states know they can register or preregister before they turn 18, and show students how to register or preregister. 

  4. Make sure your high school has a person responsible for voter registration and preregistration and is passing out registration forms at least once or twice every school year.

Post Post Post


Now that you're taking action in all these incredible ways, don't forget to tell others what you're doing! Take pride in your hard work and inspire others to do the same.

Tag us @TheCivicsCenter so we can share your accomplishments and celebrate you! #YouthCivics