for educators

Teachers and administrators around the country are taking charge of civics education. Are you? 


If you are a high school teacher, administrator, or school board member, improving the culture of civics education in America starts with you!

We know you're busy doing the crucial work of education for the next generation. That's why we've proposed three quick ways educators like you can take action in your school and leave a lasting mark. 

Eager to learn more? Check out our grassroots resource guide for a comprehensive list of effective ways to improve youth civic engagement.

1. Update your curriculum

Most high schools do little or nothing to teach young people they can register before they turn 18.  In many states, they can preregister as early as 16.  Check the law in your state here.

Make sure your lessons include the basics, including the age at which young people can register or preregister to vote, other registration requirements, and how to do it. Get started now using these resources:

If you face obstacles, let us know. We’re here to help!

2. Help students organize

Students are the driving force behind their own civic participation. They are connected like never before, and they know what they care about.  

But they may need your help to organize.  

Offer to be a club sponsor or help them organize a voter registration drive. You can also point them toward community resources they may not know exist. 

Here are some easy ways to start:

  • Click here to register your students’ club or voter registration drive with us, and we’ll help you get off the ground.

  • Planning a drive doesn’t have to be hard. That’s why we created this simple 4-week action plan that you can use to help students organize a drive.

  • Know some students who would be interested in forming a vote club? This sample club constitution can help them get started.

3. Update school materials

Many states offer online voter registration and other materials to help citizens register to vote. Your school community may not even know these resources exist.  

We've developed easy-to-use website "buttons" to help your school connect with these government resources.

You can help by updating your school website to provide a vivid graphic reminder that parents and students will see every day, reminding them to register or preregister to vote.  

Click for Graphic Resources