Colorado: the good news and the bad news

The good news
Colorado has some very good laws about voter registration.  You can pre-register at 16.  You can also register to vote online.  Please make sure your school has a trained person who can help students take advantage of these laws.  

The bad news
Most states love it when people try to organize voter registration drives.  Not Colorado. Colorado has passed a very silly law to make it harder for people to hold voter registration drives.  See page 5-6 of this report from the Brennan Center.  You can sign up to get trained so you can help your community overcome the unfair obstacle this law creates.  Here is the link to help people register to vote in Colorado even without holding a voter registration drive.  

What is up with Colorado’s online information?  If you google “Colorado online voter registration,” one of the top results will say there is “no information available” for the official Go Vote Colorado page.

But that is misleading.  If you actually go to, you will find the page to register to vote online.  

What is going on?  

We looked at the “Learn why” page from Google to try to find out.  It says that if you see a “no information is available” designation, it “means that the website prevented Google from creating a page description, but didn't actually hide the page from Google.”  

Why on earth would anyone in the State of Colorado “prevent[] Google from creating a page description” for the online voter registration page?  

We contacted the Secretary of State of Colorado to ask them to fix the problem.  Stay tuned.